What is a Notary?

“In Australia… a notary is a practising lawyer who holds a unique public office of trust and fidelity, and who, among other things, has the internationally recognised power and authority to prepare certificates of Australian law, and deeds and other instruments of all kinds, authenticated by his or her signature and official seal in a manner which renders them acceptable to the judicial or other public authorities in the countries in which they are produced.”*

It is most likely that you will need to have a document authenticated in Western Australia by a Notary Public if that document is to submitted for recognition as an authentic document or in order for its contents to be accepted as reliable and accurate by some authority outside of Australia.

In Western Australia, the appointment and conduct of notaries is regulated by the Public Notaries Act 1979.

Many of our members are Fellows or Members of The Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries.

*Principles of Notarial Practice
Peter Zablud, Notary Public
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